Twin peaks gaming streamers

Twin Peaks Gaming recently started a streaming team over on Mixer and Twitch to help support various streamers.  We help them grow, advertise and show them constant support, and they in turn help bring awareness to our community.

Anyone can be a streamer, all you have to do is fill out an application, and our stream team will review your application and give you a reply ASAP.

Some basic requirements to be on the stream team:

  • If streaming on official TPG server you MUST rate your stream as 18 plus (The discord chat is linked to some of our server chats, and we will not be liable for any minors that may be viewing the stream)

  • If streaming an official TPG server, please respect the community members privacy, and don't share IP's or other member information. If someone you know wants to play on our servers with you, have them apply to be a member.

  • You MUST apply to be a member of our community first before applying to be a streamer.  We are a community first and foremost.

  • Streamers have to show that they are actively trying to network with the community to remain on our stream team. We cannot just post your stream link for our members to view, as we put in effort to help streamers and we ask they put the effort in as well.

  • If you are an official TPG streamer, you will not be expected to play on our servers, but encouraged to promote the community as the community will be promoting you and your stream.


Name: Ben "RufioGuy"


Age: 33


Favorite Games: League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Final

Fantasy, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Ark



Musical Interests: Electronic, Rock, Hip-Hop, Acapella


Favorite Movies: Hook, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Grandma's Boy, Boondock Saints


He's a Veteran.  He's dysfunctional, brash and outspoken.  If these things don't bother you, pull up a chair, talk games and be a geek with him!


What do towels, Minecraft, cheese curds and sass have in common?  They're Sarah's favorite things in the world!  Come watch her struggle in some of the most intense Minecraft sessions, be a pro at Rocket League, or goof off in some random game!

I am foreverSarah423 and I am in my early twenties. Come Join the Fun with me!! Live with fun interaction and gameplay Weekdays 1pm CST!!


BNH here! Im from NC but currently in WA (the rain is fine its the lack of BBQ thats the biggest shame) I started gaming when much to my parents disappointment a kind Samaritan put a quarter in the pinball machine i was playing on and I realized that there was more then just random lights and noises. Since then what cost him a quarter has cost my parents hundreds of dollars and me thousands in games, hard ware, microtransations oh my!  I play League way more then I should  and other then that dabble where ever I have friends to play with (right now pubg and starting up Divinity Original Sin 2). I found Mixer when a friend of mine joined the dev team when it was still beam and i fell in love with the community and the streams and never looked back. Now I stream League, Divinity, PubG and more.