General Community Rules

  • First and foremost, RESPECT each other!!

  • Respect all staff members.

  • Hate Speech of any kind will NOT be tolerated!! (Instant Permanent Ban!)

  • No Trolling or griefing members of the community.

  • No Self-Promoting without permission.

  • No banned items or asking for OP, ranks and items from staff.

  • No poaching members for outside communities.*

  • If you have an issue with another member, settle it outside the community.*

          * Unless there are exceptional circumstances, please ask for what these would be.

General Server Rules

  • Don't build in front of caves to block them off for other players.

  • Don't build near valuable respawning resources.

  • Don't use dinosaurs to Grief players.

  • Do Not claim a free to claim Dino or Building (unless allowed by specific player or admin.)

  • Must Build 50 foundation blocks away from other players (unless allowed by tribe/specific player.)



  • No X-ray or other Minecraft Hacks.

  • Must build 200 blocks away from spawn, and 100 blocks from other players (unless allowed by specific player.)

Voice/text chat (discord)

  • Refrain from provoking or offending other players


  • Listen to staff

  • No Backseat Gaming

  • Discussion of political, religious, values, and ethics should be addressed only in a comfortable and harmonic matter – please think before you speak!

  • Please watch the content you post in the #chitchat. If you wish to share photos or videos, of a graphic nature, post them in #media or #nsfw. Some members do have children in the same room as them, peeking over their shoulders.

  • Note: You must ask permission to view our nsfw chat

Breaking the Rules

Failure to comply with any of the Twin Peaks Gaming rules will result in a negative impact in your standing in the community. Dependent on the severity of the rules broken, you may either be warned or removed from the community.


Twin Peaks Gaming reserves the right to remove a member if it is felt they are not a proper fit for the community. This can be as simple as a bad attitude, or  if you end up creeping members out intentionally.

We understand—as adults—rules can be a little over the top, but we do need to enforce them. If the entire Staff feels a player is going against one of these rules, it will result in a warning (verbal/formal/text—point system for warnings), then a temp-ban (if issues continue), and finally a permanent ban (this will be used as a last resort).

Gimzi, wielding the mighty banhammer is not to be reckoned with!