Frequently Asked Questions

What do all the colors in Discord mean?

Green = Founders Purple = TPG Team Members Orange/Red = Helpers Pink = TPG Community Builders Gold = Wonderful Mountaineers, the most important of us all Blue = TPG Streamers & Streaming Managers

This person was being dramatic/cheating/gossiping

Let us know! We will look into it and deal with it. We have zero tolerance for drama of any kind.

It's quiet in here, is it always this quiet?

I've been a community owner/admin for 3+ years. Adults are weird this way. They can go days, even months with no contact then reappear for a short period, then leave again. I can't force people to stay interested, as adults you should all know we barely have the time. We will always be around for you, so don't think we'll be going away anytime soon!

How can I help make TPG better?

- Be polite to the other members and help them if you see they need assistance. - Spread the word of us on Reddit and other forms. - Streaming: A very popular way to get the word out! - Google Adsense: Click on the ads on our website, even if you're not interested in the content. This helps fund our advancements.