Twin Peaks Gaming is an Adult Gaming Community that hosts a variety of games. We host different games that can change from time-to-time.  As of right now we host Minecraft servers, Ark, 7 Days to Die, Dark and Light, GTA 5 Roleplay, Factorio, Space Engineers, and many more!

We also have guilds on SWOTR, ESO, PoE, Diablo 3, WoW, and other MMO's . We often put together LoL, Overwatch & Rocket League team games that all members are free to join. If you are interested in gaming with us, please head over to the Join Us page and sign up today!

Just a reminder, we actively screen applications to ensure that the players we allow in are of the appropriate age for this community.

We are almost always active on Discord, and once we approve you, we'll send you an invite to join the fun!

Jan 18th, 2021

Hardware & Minecraft Update

The new server hardware has arrived and has been set up!

Check out the specs:

- AMD Ryzen 7 3800X - 8c/ 16t - 3.9GHz/ 4.5GHz

- 128GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz

- 2 x 960 GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID

In addition we are rolling out several new minecraft modpacks!

All The Mods 6 was just launched today!

We will also be rolling out a Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles server as well as a Skyblock server.

We also have a custom TPG pack called "Clash Of Worlds" that is in works and will be out soon!

Lastly, we have a Direwolf20 1.16 server up and running.

More Minecraft information can be found here

As always Discord will have the most up to date information so please join us at

May 09, 2020

Website Updates

Redeye Totally forgot

From now on when i post an annoucement on our discord about a new pack ill make sure ill post it here too .

As of now we have 2 minecraft packs running .
MC.Eternal and Valhelsia 2

We also have 2 ark servers that run the following maps and are clustered with each-other .
Tunguska and The Center

As always Discord will hold the most up to date information so please join us at

September 21, 2019

Two new servers

RLCraft and Glacial Awakening

First one is a rather hard survival pack called RLCraft. Download it on twitch, and bring a friend because it is dangerous to go alone!! The Second one is a questing skyblockish called Glacial Awakening. Can you survive the cold, dark, glacial cavern, do you have what it takes? This can also be downloaded on twitch launcher!

October 11, 2018

Resurgence Modpack

New 1.12.2 Minecraft Modpack

We recently added a new Modpack to our lineup and cleaned up some inactive older servers.

Resurgence is a 1.12.2 Minecraft Modpack focused on Exploration, Questing and Cooperative play.

With a built-in economy it is the first of a new step for our modpacks, creating a custom world with unique attributes in order to keep players interested longer!

Check it out on our Information page, or search "Resurgence" in the Twitch/Curse launcher!

August 23, 2018

Summer Updates

End of Summer, Start of Fall plans

Several of us have been away on vacation, enjoying the nice weather, sweltering in the unforgiving heatwaves across North America and Europe, and generally avoiding making our Computer Rooms mini ovens.

As fall comes we have streamers returning to a more normal schedule, plans for new games to be added, Minecraft economy to be put into place, and much more in the pipelines.

Stay tuned for more information.

January 25, 2018

Server Plans

Minecraft, Steam, Economy

We recently released a new Lord of the Rings modpack, more information can be found here.  We've been discussing the future of our Minecraft servers, and we're glad to share our plans with you!

First, all our packs will be marked as "final" and won't be edited after we release them.  This means don't anticipate any world resets, deleted builds, etc.  I'm tired of starting over, we need more longstanding packs.  Note - we will add/remove mods as needed, but no complete reworks.

Second, since our launcher wasn't working for some people we switched to Twitch launcher to deliver our modding content.  I'm not pleased with it, so we are rebuilding our launcher.

Third, we are soon simultaneously releasing a minigames server for Minecraft and an economy which will be used universally across all servers.  It will not be pay-to-win, we will not sell "in-game-gold" on our site, it will be 100% user regulated economy with moderate administration in case the stock markets crash.  You will be able to earn money selling blocks/items, completing minigames, casino games and various other ways.

The economy will work like this;

Player A receives 100 gold from selling 100 cobblestones on LOTR
Player A logs on to Vanilla Minigames and wins 2 games getting 2000 gold.

Player A logs into "The Lost" and buys a new AK-47 for 2100 gold and now has 0 gold across all three servers.

We are also planning to have a stock market system with return of investments, more info will be released when we configure it.  Please note we have to be careful how and when we release this as the other time we released an economy within 5 minutes players found multiple exploits and destroyed the economy.

We have been toying around with an online (web-based) stock market system to make gold for in-game use, and hoping to implement that as well.

Streamers are getting their own server to play with!  This will be called "Random Pack" and is subject to change based on streamer needs/feelings.  Don't expect these packs to stay online, they'll have a time limit and are meant for streamers to use/abuse server resources to have some fun together.

January 16, 2018

January Updates

Holidays are over, time to play again

Now that the holidays are over, parents and in-laws have gone back home, you've recovered from your 2 day New Years hangover, still walking crooked from meeting up with PAX streamers/friends, you can start focusing on yourself again.  Lay back, play some games next to your fireplace/heater and laugh at that snow coming down while you stay indoors...until you realize you're an adult and you'll probably have to shovel all that snow coming down /sigh.

We recently redeployed our website, and implemented a new forum (Wix).  We're still ironing out bugs, css tweaks done to the site to make it more mobile friendly (something you all requested) breaks some of the css on the main site under custom resolutions (look at the Streamers page and you'll see what I mean if you run a custom window size).  Since the Holidays distracted us, we're going to fix some of those bugs and make it look pretty again, we promise!

So what's new in 2018?

We received a couple of Sponsorship Offers from some companies we're reviewing now and will announce it when we're allowed to, and agree to it.

We purchased some better quality servers at the end of 2017 and will begin rolling out all our new packs on this hardware.  For those curious, we run all our servers on Dedicated server banks running Linux.  While being slightly more expensive, it provides the best playing experience for our users.

We listened to all your feedback and decided to put more work into our Minecraft Custom Packs.  They will have a clear theme, custom questing, or some features that make them stand out.  Our newest pack coming out will be titled "The Lost" and will be based around a post-apocalyptic survival experience with guns and no Tinker's Tools. You will be seeing more details around the end of January for release dates.

Our Stream Team Manager RufioGuy recently announced he would be taking a much more hands-on approach to our stream team and we will be seeing some more members being added to it.

Over the Holidays we handed out 25 Steam Gift Cards to various members, congratulations to all the recipients!

Stay tuned, big things are coming!

December 13, 2017

A Common Question

I hear this a lot, and needed to explain

I commonly get asked a familiar set of questions such as:

"Why do you have so many different servers for different games"
"Why is there only 1-3 people on a server at a given time?"

"Don't you want a full server all the time?"

The answers to this are pretty simple.  We're adults, we don't have as much time as we had when we were in High School/College and living with our parents.  We try to efficiently plan our time as best as we can, and when we get some free time we like to unwind and what we want to do can change all the time.

I remember being able to play through a game on a weekend when I had more time, but now I get bored with a game if I play it too long, I like to try new things to keep it fresh.  I found a lot of us adults are like that too.

Before Twin Peaks Gaming, I searched for communities online and found a lot just focused on one game, or were too demanding and felt needy.  There were massive communities with thousands of people and they felt small, and unwelcoming.  I felt like the only way to make an impression in that community was to log on every single day and put an investment of my time I wasn't willing to devote solely to a community.

I also started to see microtransactions, "perks" for servers, and aggressive donation requests and some obscene tactics like offering "20% off", or giving away coupons to attract people to the stores.  I understand servers cost money, as does bandwidth, but between our everyday bills, college tuition, etc, I felt like this was unfair to ask of people just to get some "perks" and bonuses in a game.

Twin Peaks Gaming is devoted to supplying a server for any game that offers a private dedicated server, and we don't ask for money to start them, nor do we sell perks for these servers.  I like to consider Twin Peaks Gaming as a community hub where fellow gamers meet up, pick a game (even if it isn't on our servers) and play together.  You don't HAVE to play on our servers, you don't HAVE to donate to us to stick around.

We're always going to be here, a familiar face, and we understand you may go through phases where we don't see you for 1-2 months (or longer), but when you come back you'll get a warm welcome back, pat on the shoulder, and bum grab from Sarah.

To summarize, it doesn't bother me we only ever see 1-2 players on a specific server, those 1-2 people are happy, enjoying themselves, and that's what matters.

Remember to have fun, that's all we can ask!

November 30, 2017

Twin Peaks Gaming Website

Est. 2015, Relaunched 2017

Welcome to our new website.  We originally started on Enjin when we focused solely on Minecraft.  Now that we've expanded our servers to include more than just Minecraft, we decided to relaunch our website on a private domain, so we could have more control of our databases, and custom css on our pages, as well as removing the need to register on Enjin.

Please Note - You can register on this site through Google+, Facebook, or create a simple account and you will be able to access our forum.  While not necessary as most of our discussions are done on Discord, we will occasionally post special items on our forums, and post screenshots, keep up-to-date information about our streamers, games, servers, etc.

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